Opening Day 27th March 2021 2021 Opening Day Run Masters Women 100m Under 20 Girls

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Club Runs and Walks and Events April

Runs Walks and events for the Month of April : Includes Ted Brown Races at KVC College Grounds


2021 Race Results

2021 Results : Full list of results of members who took part in the Otago Track and Field Championships . Includes Seniors, Masters and Children.


Cavy Chat - March 2021

Cavy Chat – March 2021 Opening Day Info and all you need to know 2021 Subs Programme of Event. Children’s Prizegiving, Charlie Frye and Wayne Edgeler. Dunedin Marathon Update.


Ted Brown / McStay Memorial Races KVC College Grounds 

Saturday 17th April 2021

Who was Ted Brown. Ted joined Caversham in 1929, Club Captain 1933. Club President 1948-1950, Life Member 1955. The Ted Brown Memorial Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Club’s 1500 Handicap race

Due to Covid-19, this event became a “ Virtual Event “ in 2020, those results are ...HERE

 no Trophy's were awarded ... those up for grabs in 2021 are  


                         Ted Brown                     McStay

 Colt's Cup Walkers Cup

                       Colt's Cup                   Walkers Cup


Our 2020 / 2021 Club Captains

Alison                Neville

Alison TB (2) Neville Shanks









2014 Ted Brown

2014 Ted Brown



Top of Middleton Road, next to the Middleton Road Food Centre Corstorphine Dunedin


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