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Club Runs / Walks and Events for August 2022

Club Events, Athletics Otago and Special Events to keep us running and walking. Tell all your friends Updates will be in the weekly Club Captain Newsletters, or posted on the clubs Facebook


2022 Race Results

2022 Results Brighton Green Island Club Cross Country - Bayfield VP5k - Ted Brown McStay Walkers Colts held Saturday 23rd April


Cavy Chat - July - 2022

Cavy Chat – July – 2022 - Edmond Cup : Ken Fahey Life Member : Memorial Run and Walk : Brighton Green Island 2014 : Events for the Month of August


Brighton Green Island Saturday 30th July 2022

After all the rain we were greeted pleasant running and walking conditions. First away was 12 competitors of U12 and U16 Colts. Nate Crawford (U12) first home in 7m36s. and Henry Hodgson (U16) in 17m55s. Next away on their allotted handicap were 12 Walkers and 25 Runners, destination Green Island … 10k away. First runner home was Linda van der Kroef 1h09m19s. Fastest was Nathan Shanks 33m34s. In the Walk it was Donna Tumaru 1h14m13s. Fastest was Alex Brown 58m02s.

 2021 a year of uncertainty, but we got out there, we ran, we walked, we raced and talked. View the Year in Photos.

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