Track and Field (1) Closing Day Saturday 25 September 2021 1993 Brighton Green Island Saturday 18 Sept 2021 Track and Field

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Track and Field / Summer Runs / Walks Month of October

Due to the current situation with Covid 19, all events are in limbo. updates will be in the weekly Club Captain Newsletters, or posted on the clubs Facebook


2021 Race Results

2021 Results : Full Results of the 2021 Ted Brown , McStay, Walkers and Colts held on Saturday 17th April . 2021 Lovelock Relays. VP5k at Forbury Park. 2021 Club XCC. Brighton Green Island. Track and Field


Cavy Chat - September - 2021

Cavy Chat September 2021 : Peninsula Relay Now and Then : An Extended Holiday : Farewell to the Harrier Season : Summer is Coming : Well Earned and Rewarded.


A great start to the athletics season for Caversham at Track and Field, Children’s Athletics, and Summer Walks.  Ribbon Day in the brilliant sun of the Caledonian. Lots of new faces trying it out, regulars back for another season. Lots of smiles by all.

Paula Cotter Summer Club Captain.

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Our 2021 / 2022 Club Captains

Alison                Neville

Alison TB (2) Neville Shanks









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