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Club Runs and Walks and Events for May

Runs Walks and events for the Month of May : Lovelock Relays : Ponydales : VP5k : guest of Civil Service.


2021 Race Results

2021 Results : Full Results of the 2021 Ted Brown , McStay, Walkers and Colts held on Saturday 17th April . 2021 Lovelock Relays


Cavy Chat - April 2021

Cavy Chat April 2021 – Special Chat with Royce Madigan, shares treasured times with Caversham, and his dad … Neville : Club Opening Day : Final Summer Walks : Ted Brown : Events for May.


Lovelock Relays 2021 Saturday 1st May


It was a sea of “ black and white, we had 12 Teams, 50 competitors, plus officials and Lap Scorers. Among the placing were, High School Mixed 1st  , Oliver Lodge Patrick Cotler Emily-Rose Young Gracie Young.  Social and Mixed 2nd  Karen Rowley Celia Lie Nick Heng Richard Young. Overall everyone was a winner





Our 2020 / 2021 Club Captains

Alison                Neville

Alison TB (2) Neville Shanks








Walkers 1st May 2021

Fast group went up big easy and down Signal hill road

A Lovelock theme today. Just four in the medium pack led by Anne Watkins; we walked about 5.7km from Caledonian ground through the Uni to the Botanic Gardens where we wound our way uphill then down through the rhododendrons.



Top of Middleton Road, next to the Middleton Road Food Centre Corstorphine Dunedin


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