Recreational / Social walkers Catering for:

General fitness
All Terrain
Ultra Distance
Race Walking and those competing in competitive events including club, province and national representation.

Tuesday : "Winter Season Walking Group”   ( April - end - September).

Tuesday Group  will meet at Centre City New World by the  Ride on Toys at 5.30pm

If anyone is interested then please contact Shona at 021 335 225.

Tuesday: "Summer  Walking Group”  (October- end March)

Tuesday Group will  meet on the corner of Queen and Duke street at 5.30pm.  This corner is the first intersection heading up Leith Valley once you turn up from the Willowbank  Dairy.

Summer Walks:

 Summer walks take place every second week in the  summer at different venues  around the city and beyond.

Summer walks begin at the conclusion of the Caversham Harrier Winter season normally early October until late March

 If anyone is interested then please contact Keiran at 4894027

or e-mail keiran.columb@gmail.com

Health and Safety Rules Walkers:

Group Rules Walkers:

  1. First Aid Kits and Cellphone should be taken for each Group. Responsibility Group Leader
  2. Head Counts are to be  done prior to leaving and during the walk. Responsibility Group Leader
  3. All members shall keep with the pack and must not leave without the consent of the Group  leader.
  4. Group Leaders must report any accident/incident to Keiran .

This must be entered onto the Health and Safety Checklist Caversham H & A Club. Follow up is essential and must be recorded on the sheet.

  1. Group Leader must appoint a "Tail end Charlie”  for each group. 
  2. Three Groups Fast/ 8.5  Minutes/KM  Medium 10 Minutes/KM  Slow 12 Minutes/KM 

 Approximate Time Walking Fast Group 1hr 40 m  Medium Group 1hr 25 M and Medium/ Slow Group 1hour 

  1. Remember when walking on rural roads a ways walk on the side facing on coming traffic. (Exception Blind Corner)
  2. If any walker does have a Heavy/Serious fall it is recommended that they don’t continue and the “Group Leader” is to arrange someone in the group to go and get a car and decide what is the best solution for the injured person . No injured person is to walk back “alone”  to the clubrooms
  3. All walkers are to take responsibility  as the Group Leader is normally in the  front and cannot see if anyone is in distress behind him.
  4. While sometime we always get a little ahead in the group from time to time it is important to stop and let others catch up.

However if you find yourself continually strugglin to keep up its best to drop down to the next group. You are always welcome to return to the faster group when you feel you are up to it.

 Walkers Packs
The Walkers meet on Saturday afternoons, often at the clubrooms, and sometimes at other venues along with the club's runners, and walk for 1 ½ hours or so. Several packs are formed consisting of walkers with similar abilities, from social/recreational walkers to race walkers. Often the packs set out together and split up at various points along the route, with the faster groups going further. You decide where you fit in, and after building up fitness and stamina, can graduate to a faster pack. An experienced walker will be the pack leader, responsible for the route and keeping the pack together. It is a fact that as we are located on the top of a hill, at some stage some hill walking will be involved!

Some prominent current walkers/pack-leaders with our packs are:

Kieran Columb  Shona McDonald
 Anne Watkins  Lara Findlater   Kirsty van Royen              
Janice Hughes  Angela Hawthorne  Phil Bray  Wendy Shanks Mary Fahey  John McDermott Rhonda Bazsika    Mary Vincent, John Stinson,  Diane Bartlett , Fiona Turnbull and Jo Little.


Walking Events
In addition to Saturday pack walks, the Club participates in the walks which are part of the Athletics Otago Winter Programme. These include:

Clyde Dam to Alexandra Road Races

Dunedin Marathon (Half marathon walk)

Race Walking Rules
When walking in Athletics NZ events, formal race walking rules are adhered to. Generally race walking is conducted as part of the Track and Field programme at the Caledonian ground in Dunedin; the races are held on the track itself or specific road courses, usually no more than 2.5 kilometres in length. These events are overseen by Athletics NZ qualified referees and formal race walking rules observed

The Caversham Harrier Club has developed is own set of rules for events conducted by the Club. These are for recreational walking events and recognise the fact that race referees cannot observe all of the course all of the time.

To see these rules.

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To view local and national walking records, click here.

Race Walking NZ - http://www.racewalkingnewzealand.org/
Dunedin Marathon - http://www.dunedinmarathon.co.nz/
Walking Access NZ - www.walkingaccess.govt.nz
Nordic Walking - www.nordicwalking.net.nz
Racewalking - www.racewalk.com
Walking NZ - www.walkingnewzealand.co.nz
NZ Walks Info - www.nzwalksinfo.co.nz
Wonder Walkers NZ - www.wonderwalkers.co.nz

Enquiries please contact - Keiran Columb ph 03 489 4027; email: keiran.columb@gmail.com