Track & Field 2022-2023

Welcome to the Track and Field Athletics Season for 2022-2023

For those been there here before and can't wait to get started it will be good to see you back. For those who have not tried it before, or it's been a while, there are plenty of options, and you can do as much or as little as you want throughout the summer. We would love to see many Cavy uniforms at Caledonian this season. This is the start of making that happen.


Caledonian - Track and Field

The foundation of Summer Athletics is at the Caledonian on a Saturday afternoon. You enter and pay each week. You can enter as many events as you like, it is still the same entry fee.

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You can stick with the longer distance - 3000m and 5000m, or try out some middle distance, 800 and 1500m. Alternatively you could try out the Sprints to get some speed work in. Other options are the Jumps and Throws. For the brave there are the Hurdles. Plenty to try out. During the season there will also be the Hurring Relays where you compete for points for the club in a variety of events.

Masters Athletics

There is also the option of the Masters Events (Over 30 years)

Peggy Calder - Masters (Over 30s) - Compete for Points for the Club

              SI Masters Games - Christchurch

NZ Track and Field Champs Masters Games - Hawke's Bay

Details of Otago Masters Athletics can be found on their website:


How do you get involved?

People often ask how do I get involved? It's easy, you just have to enter online for that Saturday before the close off for that week (usually Thursday lunchtime). If you are registered as Competitive it is $10 per Saturday (wear your Athletics Otago number). If you are Social Registered, it is $20 per Saturday (You will get a temporary number each week). (These are last Season Prices, I will confirm when details are posted).


Summer Training Sessions

Another option to get involved through our Summer training sessions. These are open to all club members, and not just those who compete in the Summer Track and Field.


Summer Gym Sessions at Corstorphine Park - Fortnightly Tuesday
Interval Training at Caledonian - Alternative Tuesday to above

Other Sessions I will get going throughout the Summer will be an introduction to the Throwing events and Starting Blocks practice. Other events will be available on request. These will also be run on a Tuesday night.

Weekly Newsletter

I will also be putting out a weekly newsletter, so you know what is on and what to do and to celebrate our successes

If you are interested in

  Having a go on a Saturday Afternoon at the Caledonian, or any other events,
Want to get involved in the Summer Training Sessions,
Would like to receive the Weekly Summer email,

Then send me an email and I will make sure you have everything you need to know to get started.

Thanks - Paula - Summer Club Captain