Catering for

all abilities, from social and beginning runners through to competitive athletes.

The benefits of joining our club are many. The obvious ones are of course an increase in fitness, general health and running ability. The less obvious benefits are the social confidence and friendships that develop quickly in our friendly, family oriented club environment. Lifelong bonds are forged when you join Caversham.


Pack Running

On club days, you will run with a pack suited to your current ability. You have beginner, slow, medium and fast packs to choose from. An experienced runner will be the pack leader, responsible for the route and the safety of the pack. Especially with the slower packs, frequent stops or 'pack ups' will be made to allow the group to keep together so that no one gets left behind. You will be well looked after. We are very aware it can be daunting stepping into a new setting so we make it easy for you to join in.


Harrier activity is mainly centred around road and off road running. Competition plays a major part in what we do. You can elect to opt in or out of our competitive calendar. It's up to you.


We offer coaching in all aspects of running. Our coaches have had numerous successes at national level and have the expertise for you to tap into as a club member.

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