Children Athletics 2022-2023

Caversham Children’s Athletics

 Who are we: We are your local suburban Athletics Club focusing on Track and Field Events in the Summer and longer Harrier style runs in the Winter.

What do we offer: Athletic training in all Track and Field events for all children aged 5-14. Athletes can choose from Competitive (Tuesday and Saturday) and Non Competitive options (Tuesday only).

When: We meet most Tuesdays from October to March starting at 6.00pm

Where: Tuesday night training takes place at Corstorphine Park, Middleton Rd. Saturday Competition is held at the Caledonian Ground each Saturday morning.



We are a family-based club with strong links and support to our Senior section. Many of our club members parents are in this section, and their kids look forward to coming on Tuesday nights to join in like their parents.

We believe it is most important that kids have fun while learning and training in the events

We like to keep our numbers small so that kids have plenty of opportunity to run, jump or throw throughout the evening. No one likes to sit around for too long and you learn best while you are doing so we maximise the chances to have a go.

We have qualified coaches who have many year’s experience at being in children’s athletics. Some were even children at the club. We know the progressions of learning and we know what works and we will ensure that everyone can do well and improve through the season.



Registration is quick and easy via our club website and the fees are some of the cheapest in town.

  • 7-14 Year old Full Competitive Member $65 (Tuesday and Saturday)
  • 6 Year old Full Competitive Member $45 (Tuesday and Saturday)
  • 7-14 Year old Non Competitive Member $45 (Tuesday only)
  • 6 and Under Non Competitive $15 (Tuesday only)

Register now if you are keen, but no pressure, try it out before you register. Come along to our opening night and try the first two nights for free. No charge at all.



Athletics for Kids

Tuesday night activities involve a game to warm up, and then break into small groups, where the fundamentals of each event are taught to each child. Members will rotate around sprints, middle distance, discus, shot put, long jump and high jump. What is taught and how it is taught is tailored to the child's age group. We run our programme alongside the guidance provided by Athletics NZ known as Run, Jump, Throw

Run Jump Throw is all about developing athletics-specific skills in a fun, inclusive way that encourages Kiwi kids’ to participate in athletics.

Designed for 6-11 year olds, Run Jump Throw allows athletics clubs and schools to easily teach the foundation skills of athletics in a positive, supportive environment, where participants learn and are challenged at their own pace. The programme uses modified equipment and games to help maximise participation and enjoyment.

Our innovative programme uses a bottom-up rather than a top-down approach to teach skills needed for each athletics movement  – so children learn the necessary fundamental skills and basic movement patterns before being taught the refined skills

Tuesday Night at Corstorphine Park

We are often asked why we train at Corstorphine Park and not at the Caledonian. There are a few reasons for this:

  • We like to utilise our Community Facilities. We are lucky to have them and it’s a rich resource that we would like to make the most of
  • It is our home base and our clubrooms and link to our Senior section is here.
  • It is closer to many of the homes in Dunedin, making it a quick and easy trip to our base for our families on a busy school evening
  • Running on grass makes you a stronger runner. It is harder to do, which makes your body work harder, so when it comes to running on the track you are all ready and strong. It is easier on the joints, and it is good training for winter sports. Overall training on the grass and competing on the track provides a good balance.


Saturday Competition

With a full competitive membership young Athletes aged 6-14 get entry into the Athletics Otago Children's Athletics competition which meets most Saturdays at the Caledonian from October to March (excluding January). Here they compete in a full range of events against Athletes their own age from other clubs in Otago. While it is a competition, their aim is still to participate, have fun and learn the fundamentals of the events. Each meet is varied to give a range of events and types of competition. You can try the first couple of weekends for free before deciding. The first weekend for 2021 is the 16th October with the competition for that day being Ribbon Day. Each Athlete will go home with Ribbon as a souvenir that day.

Other events include

  • Paape Cup: A one-day event to compete for points for your club
  • SBS Mini Multis (mini pentathlon): Two one day competitions where athletes compete for points. The faster or further they run, jump, or throw the more points. The more events they do the more points.
  • Colgate Games: South Island Colgate Games are in Invercargill this year in January. This is run by Athletics NZ in conjunction with the local organising Committee
  • Otago Championships: The big competition for the year held at the Caledonian Ground in February or March of the year. Trophies and Certificates are up for grabs here
  • Inter-provincials: 12-13 Year old Representative Team that travels away at Easter each year to compete against other centres from around the country.



Cancellations may occur from time to time due to the weather. We will send an email by 5pm in the event of a cancellation. Please make sure that we have your email address. We will also post cancellation messages on the Caversham Children’s Athletics Facebook Page.

Health and Safety on Tuesday Nights

Each child must have an adult at the park providing supervision. This is a safety requirement. If a child does not have an adult at the park they cannot take part in activities. As well as supervising children, parents are required to take children to the toilet as they are situated away from the park. Parents can also help with picking up implements, raking long-jump pits, timing etc. If those coaching do not need to do these functions, they can focus on coaching your children. This is particularly important with the youngest group who are just learning the events. In addition, the practice area is not fenced, and we do not count the kids when they arrive or leave. Each age group of children must be accompanied by some parents as they move round the various events so, please spread yourselves around the age groups. If a group arrives at an event without any parents, then that event will not go ahead until parents arrive.

Parent Registration:

Parents must register with the club as volunteers. This will not cost anything but does mean everyone is fully covered under the Health & Safety at Work Act (2015) if there are any accidents. Parents who are already full members of the club through the Harrier section do not need to register again.


Evelyn is our wonderful Children's Co-Ordinator. Evelyn has been running the children's section for the past 10 years. Evelyn, a runner and member of our Senior club, whose children have also been through the club, runs the Tuesday night sessions and coordinates the competitive group for the Saturday morning session at the Caledonian. Evelyn is a qualified coach and official, lover of chocolate and most importantly, loves to have fun. Contact her now to find out more or find us on Facebook

Transition to Juniors 15-19

It comes a time where everyone grows up and becomes too old for Children’s Athletics. We offer a seamless transition to the Senior section through our free fees for Juniors Policy. That's right they don't pay anything to join our club. We even give them a free uniform. With this they get free entry to all our club events (races and club runs), both Winter and Summer and access to our Coaches. It also gives them the ability to enter Athletics Otago and Athletics NZ events as a registered athlete (event entry fee extra). This is designed to continue to foster the love of Athletics throughout the teenage years. There are no conditions to the policy, and we will support the Athletes during their time at Caversham to ensure that they get the most out of their membership. Contact us to find out more.