Our Club

Our Club

Caversham Harrier and Athletic Club caters for all serious and social Runners and Walkers.

The friendly, family oriented Dunedin club with a proud history and tradition. Come and enjoy the benefits of a well-established club which caters for all levels of runners and walkers and has organized the Dunedin Marathon since 1985. If you want to run or walk, we want to help.

 Winter Road                         Cross-country                  Summer Track and Field

Seniors / MASTERS                      Walkers                        Juniors and Children 

The Caversham Harrier and Athletic Club is located at the top of Middleton Road, Corstorphine, Dunedin. Our membership includes a full range of runners from serious, competitive runners/walkers to those seeking recreational, fitness and non-competitive activity.

Our Saturday run/walks are listed in the Club Syllabus. Have a look under EVENTS on this website . Also please note the start time of 1.30pm from our Clubrooms or from other chosen venues. Please check the sports draw section of Thursday's ODT each week or the Club website or facebook page. We can assist if you need help with transport and of course, it is not compulsory to attend every Saturday. There are also Monday and Wednesday evening pack runs meeting at 5.45pm at Henrys Liquor store in Hanover St in the winter months and at the John McGlashan Cannington road car park during summer. Come along and discover some of Dunedin's great hidden running tracks. Training nights are held on Tuesdays at the Caledonian Ground at 5.30pm.

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Pack running and walking involves packs with participants of similar ability and interest. The slowest pack has a slower and often shorter run/walk than the medium and faster packs. It's important you join a pack suited to your ability. Take care not to over-reach yourself at the beginning; it is not a racing or training time. You should be able to talk with those you are with. The pack leader's task is to ensure that everyone has a worthwhile outing. Pack running/walking involves staying together. On the return journey and when close to "home" the pack often stretches out.

Race event entries are by choice. The Club has a few trophy events in its winter programme. If you wish to enter the Athletics Otago races and relays, this is done through our entry steward or online. Plenty of reminders are given in notices, newsletters and the syllabus about forthcoming events and entry dates. You will see in the syllabus that when Athletics Otago events are held, a Saturday Club run/walk is scheduled for those members not entered. A small number of Club days are afternoon tea days when members contribute a plate. This is identified in the syllabus.



Competitive runners (Seniors,Masters 35+) and Walkers                      
This includes an Athletics Otago levy and allows you entry in any Athletics Otago event by providing you with a race number for the winter and following summer season.  The Club will pay for your race entries over the winter.  Registered members are able to take part in Athletics Otago events.

Walkers (competitive, winter races only)                                              
There are a few select Athletic Otago races over the winter that recreational walkers may also take part in.  If you are a walker and wish to take part in these races then this is the fee to pay but it does not cover summer races.

Junior Members (Competitive 19 & under, 16 & under, 14 & under)

Thursday Fees    

Social Members, Runners and Walkers (not competitive)                        

Subscriptions are paid by mid-May each year either online or to the Club Treasurer. The Club subscription is at a very competitive level and is in fact the cheapest sub in Dunedin, thanks to the success of the Dunedin Marathon event run by Caversham Harriers.


The Club also has an incentive scheme involving a small number of training grants for Caversham athletes who are competing in both Club and Athletics Otago external events and performing at a good level. Coaching is available to all members.