Health and Safety


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Health and Safety Policy

Caversham Harrier and Athletic Club has the health and safety of its members as a top priority and it is our intention to make the environment and activities as safe as possible for everyone who engages with our club.

Health and Safety is everyone's responsibility, and everyone is expected to share in our commitment to good practice.

We will:

● Identify hazards and unsafe behavior and take steps to manage these to as low a level as reasonably practicable.

● Communicate and actively promote good practice with all associated with our club.

● Have systems to record incidents and injuries to ensure these are examined and changes made to minimise or eliminate any on-going associated risk.

● Our Club's health and safety vigilance will include understanding the operation of our club, and the hazards and risks associated with those operations.

● The Club will ensure all activities have appropriate levels of supervision and guidance.

● The Club committee will review and continually improve Health and Safety systems, comply with relevant legislation and regulations, and communicate to members on these matters.

This policy is effective from 19 February 2019 and will be reviewed annually by the end of each calendar year.


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