2022 Club Race Rules


All competitions, running or walking, shall be raced within "The Spirit of the Club"

1 The wearing of club uniform i.e. Caversham singlet/tshirt, black shorts/tights and club numbers is compulsory

2 Club numbers must be worn on the front of singlet/tshirt.

3 Entries for handicap races will close at 8pm on the Wednesday prior to race day.

4 There will be no late entries for Handicap races.

5 Entries for open races will be taken on the day.

6 Athletes must start at their allocated handicap time.

7 Athletes must adhere to race rules and comply with all directives given by race marshals

8 All road races shall be run or walked in single file except when passing and within one metre of the right hand side of the edge of the road.

9 Wearing of headphones is prohibited.

10 All races are open to ANZ registered members only.

11 A competitor, if disqualified, must be informed as soon as possible of their disqualification upon the race finishing. The disqualified athlete then has the right of appeal within 5 mins to the protest committee.

12 All other protests may be lodged within 15 minutes of the last competitor finishing.

13 The jury of appeal shall be made up of the 2 race referees and the race director, with the ability to second one or more senior independent club members, if the protest involves any one or more of the jury of appeal.

14 The jury of appeal shall inform the competitor within 10 minutes of the outcome of the protest.

15 All running races shall be run under IAAF rules.

16 Failure to adhere to any of the above will lead to disqualification.